Advanced Games

We just updated our system! We’ll have many new advanced games coming soon!


In Zombies! everyone starts as a red colored normal player.  Shortly into the game one or more players will be randomly changed to Zombies!  Zombies try to tag out the normal players and when they do so, the red team will gradually join the Zombies!  If a Zombie is tagged out they need to return to one of our base stations to respawn.  Once everyone has become a Zombie, the game resets and starts again until time runs out.


Each team of combattants is sent into the combat zone to capture and hold as many base stations as possible.  Holding bases will supply your team with points at a steady pace throughout the battle.

The battlezone is littered with hazards to watch out for: energy gates and hidden traps alike will tag out players.  Use your weapons to tag these hazards before they tag you, powering them down for a short period of time.  Holding as many bases as possible is they key to winning this game designed for small teams of players.

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