Basic Games

We currently offer three basic game types.  For some basic games we can offer free for all or up to six simultaneous teams!

Alpha Tag:

This is the standard game that we offer.  Each player starts off with shields and two types of weapons.  The first weapon is the phasor.  It is a long range beam capable of tagging opponents over long distances.  It does not use energy, so you never have to worry about running out during the match!  The second weapon is the Blaster.  This weapon has a much shorter range, but it fires in a cone in front of you, capable of tagging multiple people.   Be careful though, because the Blaster does use energy and can run out on you if you’re not careful!  Your shields will regenerate while you play, but can only stand up to about 3 consecutive hits before you are tagged out.  Once you are out it will take about 8-10 seconds before your vest will revive and you’re back in the game.


This is the game for players who love laser tag!  Each player is equipped with an AW 50.  This weapon will take out any opponent in one hit!  The drawback is that if you miss, it will take 5 seconds before you can fire again.  This means that you have to be very careful and line up your opponent before trying to tag them out.  It makes for a very tactical, fun match!


Fun and chaotic – ‘One Shot’ plays just like the basic Alpha Tag game, except every player only has 30 health. This means that they can be tagged out in one shot, but revives in only 3 seconds! A great frenzy game for lots of points!



Alpha Strike Laser Tag features state of the art Radio Frequency based equipment for our game play. Here are a few examples of the gear we use:

Alpha Strike Laser Tag - Phaser PackPhaser Pack:

The Phaser Pack is your all in one gear for laser tag. It includes a Vest and Phaser. Together they allow the player to tag other players and be tagged themselves.

The Phaser features: High Impact Casing, Front and Rear Speakers, A member log on, a Backlit LCD screen and can be use to send a narrow or wide angle tag signal.

The Vest features include: a Leather Vest designed to fit all ages, Polycarbonate body sensors (front andback), shoulder sensors, adjustable waist belt and can be set to one of six colors for team play.

Control Center Base

Control Stations are absolutely packed full of interactive gaming features – these units are more than just a target – they talk, tag, flash and interact to provide incredibly dynamic games for players.

Each Control Station has five light bars which can flash, dissolve, dim and strobe through any color. Players can shoot a control station and the control station can shoot back. They also produce fantastic sound effects such as power-up sounds, bombing sounds and even computer like voice messages.

The Control Stations can do many different things – depending on the game play – here are some examples:

Rapid Fire: When the Lights flash red, players shoot to receive Rapid Fire upgrade
Hyper-shield: When the Lights flash green, players shoot to receive Hyper Shield power.
Base Control: Team players can capture a control station by tagging it repeatedly

These features may be available depending on the type of game being played.   For the most part these features will be available for Advanced Games.

In Zombies!, every player starts off as a civilian, then
randomly a few civilians will become infected and turn
into Zombies! Civilians have the standard phasor and
blaster featured in our basic game: Alpha Tag. A zombie
has more shields but can only tag civilians when they are
up close. As the zombies begin to tag out civilians, the
civilians will find that they have become infected and will
join the zombie team as Zombies! Once the entire
team has become Zombies!, the game will reset back to
mostly civilians with a few random Zombies!

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