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Alpha Strike is the perfect place for your next birthday party or celebration! The minimum age to play at Alpha Strike is 6. We have a selection of party packages to make your next event as easy and fun as possible. Our party rooms comfortably hold up to 16 guests, but larger parties can always be accommodated!

For party bookings on Mondays through Thursdays, we’re offering $2 off per guest! This is a new promotion and may be available for a limited time!

*Please note that during our busy season (Winter – Spring) we can be booking as far ahead as 8 weeks! Call early to make sure you get a spot!*

To book a party, give us a call! 902.407.4423 

Here are our birthday packages, and remember all prices at Alpha Strike are taxes included!

Deluxe Package Basic Package Do-It-YourselfPackage
(Ideal for kids over 12)
$24 per guest – minimum of 10 guests $18 per guest – minimum of 10 guests $21 per guest – minimum of 10 guests
Decorated Party Room Decorated Party Room Decorated Party Room
6 Arcade Tokens per guest 6 Arcade Tokens per guest 12 Arcade Tokens per guest
3 Standard Games of Laser Tag per guest 2 Standard Games of Laser Tag per guest 3 Standard Games of Laser Tag per guest
1 Drink per guest 1 Drink per guest 1 Drink per guest
Glow Bracelet per guest Glow Bracelet per guest  Party Supplies
Party Supplies Party Supplies
Setup and Cleanup Setup and Cleanup
Invitations Invitations
Birthday Party Host Birthday Party Host
Party Bag per guest


When booking your party we require a $30 deposit to hold the booking time.  This deposit is required on booking to make sure your party time is secured.


Birthday Party Hosts

Our Birthday Party Hosts are trained to make your special day as memorable and care free as possible!  Party Hosts will organize, entertain and supervise the entire birthday party from start to finish.  They will also serve any food and drinks that you bring or order, as well as clean up during and when the party is finished!

Regardless of which package you choose, our Party Planner will contact you prior to your Party to make sure that the entire event goes as smoothly as possible.  Our Party Planner will usually call you on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Standard Games of Laser Tag

Each party comes with Two or Three standard games of Laser Tag.  Each standard game takes roughly 15 minutes of the overall booking time, from when you leave the party room until you return.  All games in a party package are broken up over the booking time - the games are not consecutive.  The games are exclusive to the guests of the party and any adults from the party that wish to join (Accompanying adults pay $5 per game joined)

Invitations and Waivers

We provide full color invitations for hosted parties that include a map to our facility and contact information for your guests.  We also provide printed copies of our waivers to be sent out to your guests.  Once your party is booked, you can stop by to pick up your invitations and waivers any time during our hours of operation.

Party Supplies

Our Birthday Party Hosts have everything covered!  From plates and utensils to crayons and lighters, they should have everything you will need to make your party great!


Alpha Strike Laser Tag is pleased to offer Pizzatown Pizza from their Burnside Location!  You can arrange to have our staff order, pickup and serve pizza and menu items from Pizzatown for your party at the same cost offered at their location.  When you book your party or during your follow up call just let us know what you would like to order and we’ll handle everything from there!

Visit for their menu offerings and prices!

Food and Drink

Our Deluxe and Basic Packages include one drink per guest.  This drink can be a can of pop, water, juice or a slushie.  Youth packages may add a drink at a cost of $1 per guest.

In addition we have a concession stand with assorted snacks.  Any package may add a snack per guest for $1.

All of our guests are welcome to bring in drinks and snacks from home as well.  We do not permit alcohol on our premises.

Party Bags

Our party bags contain 2 toy items, 4-5 candy items, 2 arcade tokens and a coupon.

Party Bags may be added to a Basic or Do-It-Yourself package at a cost of $3 per guest.


Frequently Asked Questions:

- How far in advance should I book?

Our weekends are typically booked 4-5 weeks in advance, but we can be booked up for as much as 6 weeks! Calling sooner rather than later ensures that you’re going to have more slots available – and that you’re going to be more likely to get the time you’d like. If you find yourself trying to plan last minute, don’t worry! Weekday evening parties are available, and are typically booked only a week or so in advance.

- Can I show up early and set up the room? Can I bring my own decorations?

Absolutely – the party rooms already have streamers and balloons set up, but you’re welcome to add whatever you wish. Your room should be clean and available 20 minutes before your party, although sometimes on weekends when it’s busy that time might be shorter. Note: Pinatas are not permitted.

- Can I bring my own snacks/food/drinks?

Absolutely – you’re always welcome to bring anything you want from home. We’ll still clean up after you! Note: No alcohol of any kind is permitted.

- For the Basic and Deluxe package is says ’1 Drink per Guest’. What can I get with that?

Party drinks include cans of pop, bottled water, small apple or orange juice, and small slushies.

- Games are 10-12 minutes each, but I’ve got the room for 2 hours. Is that going to be enough to keep the kids occupied the whole time?

In a typical party booking, games are interspersed with activities. Our party hosts are great at keeping the guests occupied in between games. Typically between arcade tokens, activities, and food (if you’re feeding them) the two hours gets eaten up pretty quickly!

- Is Pizza included?

No, but we have a great deal worked out with Pizzatown just down the street from us. You can order anything off their menu (including specials) at no extra cost. You just let us know what you want – and we’ll get it for you!

- I’d like to get some pizza from Pizzatown – should I tell you, or call Pizzatown directly?

You’ll actually want to order it through us. When you order through us it saves you a delivery charge (we go get the pizza for you), and also allows us to make sure there is time in the schedule between games for our guests to eat!

- Is it customary to tip my party host?

Tipping your party host is certainly not required or expected.  If you feel that your host has made the party a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your child, then feel free to tip them if you think it is appropriate.

- Can parents play?

Definitely. Parents can join in the fun for just $5/game.

- Can I bring more than 16 kids?

Yes. Each party room holds 16 kids comfortably, but there is a collapsible wall between the first two rooms allowing us to accommodate larger groups. You’ll just need to book farther in advance to ensure that both rooms are available.

- What happens if I don’t have the minimum (10) kids attending?

Unfortunately, the minimum charge for a party is for 10 guests. If you have a couple less maybe mom and dad can join in on the fun to make up the extra bodies!

- Why do I have to sign a waiver? Do I have to sign it?

The waiver is required only the first time someone plays at Alpha Strike. Any guest who has played here once already would not need to fill out a new one. The waiver is both for your and our benefit – it is an acknowledgement that players will play by the rules, play safely, and obey instructions from supervisors and marshalls. Note: any adults wishing to play as well will have to fill out a waiver for themselves.

- Are the lasers dangerous?

Absolutely not. The actual laser emitter on the phasor is purely cosmetic, and the output wattage is well below government regulated safety standards. In fact, the phasors function not unlike standard household TV remotes.

- I noticed that the Basic and Deluxe package include room clean-up, but the Do-It-Yourself doesn’t. Do I have to clean the room if I book a DIY package?

You don’t have to clean the floors with a toothbrush or anything, but if you could tidy up any garbage and recyclables that would be great! We’ll take care of the rest.

- Can I add an extra game to my party package?

Unfortunately not. We schedule our games to able to accommodate multiple parties at once, and it would be difficult to add additional games. If you have the Basic package and you’re thinking 2 games might not enough – the Deluxe package is a great deal!

- When do I pay?

You don’t have to pay until the day of the party after everything is done. That way we know for sure how many kids are at the party, and if you want to add anything onto the party on the day of (extra tokens, bottle of diet pepsi for dad!, etc.) we can just add it to the booking. Note: If you paid your deposit via credit card in person or over the phone we do not keep that information on file. You will still need to settle up after your party.

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