Individual Rates

The minimum age for laser tag at Alpha Strike is 6 years old.

Games at Alpha Strike take approximately 10-12 minutes from start to finish.  Multiple games are often broken up with breaks if other customers are present.  This means that 2 passes usually take about 40 minutes to play, 3 passes usually take an hour to play.

Games are not exclusive.  You may be required to play with other customers.

1 Game Pass - $7 per person

2 Game Passes - $13 per person

3 Game Passes - $18 per person

All prices include taxes

Alpha Strike Members receive $1 off all regularly priced game passes.  Memberships cost $20 and include 1 game pass.

Do I need to call ahead and reserve a spot?

If you have less than 10-12 guests coming in for casual games, then no. You’d only need to reserve something if you’re booking a birthday party, or if you’re bringing in a large group.
If you are interested in having your party at Alpha Strike you should check out our Groups and Parties section.

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